Maria Badia Round.png

I am a filmmaker from Barcelona based in Brooklyn for the last 10 years.  I direct & edit commercial and documentary films.  I strongly believe in collective empowerment and the power of storytelling. I aim to be transformed by the stories I tell, both behind the camera and in the editing room. 

I am an editor for The American Theatre Wing series 'Working in Theatre', which was nominated for an Emmy Award last year. Among my clients there is BBC, Vice, Human Pictures and Weiden+Kennedy.  Also, I was invited by Apple at their 5th Avenue store to give a talk about the power of digital storytelling in 2016. 

I was a fellow at the Uniondocs Collaborative Studio, a documentary arts center which keeps inspiring my vision on new approaches on filmmaking.  I am a current member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, a community of professional filmmakers with who we workshop our works once a week. 

e: / p: +1 646 243 9230